Wednesday, May 13, 2015

El Camino de Santiago

Our hike in the Basque Country was amazing. Our guide, Gabriel, planned out a very challenging, yet rewarding, hike from Zumaia to Deba. Once we arrived in Deba, we took the train back to where we started. The scenery from the beginning of the hike was breathtaking. As beautiful as it was to begin with, it only got better the further we went. We enjoyed taking pictures throughout the adventure and selfies with Gabriel. We stopped to observe the sharp slate rock formations called "flysch." We stopped on top of a peak for lunch and a brief siesta before continuing on our trek. The trail that we took followed the coastline of the Contabrian Sea and was used as a trade route during medieval times. More importantly, it was the route of the pilgrimage to Santiago. It's safe to say that we all used muscles that we didn't even know that we had and even safer to say that we will experience some muscle pain for a few days, but the rewarding experience of completing this breathtaking journey was definitely worth the effort.

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