Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Casa de la Moneda

Real Casa de la Moneda 

Ordered by Felipe II in 1580, the mint was one of the most technologically advanced buildings in Europe at the time. With continuous advancements in technology and minting machinery, the Casa de la Moneda stayed current. The minting process started by striking blank pieces of metal with a hammer in order to leave an imprint. Eventually the machinery became more automated and produced a more quality-controlled product. The mint closed down in the 1800's once Spain was unified and the peseta came into use. In the last 10 years, the mint was recovered and restored into a museum. There were several archaeological experts brought in to uncover artifacts from the old minting processes. 
Throughout the museum there were several displays regarding other elements of Segovia; architecture and various bridges in the region, along with an entire center dedicated to the aqueduct and how water was transported from the mountains into Segovia. 

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